I recently had a customer trying to decide between our company and a competitor. My competitor was offering a traditional epoxy system and told the homeowner to stay away from one-day garage floor coating application using Polyuea/Polyaspartic materials. He had told her that the epoxy would bond to concrete better than Polyurea. Based on recent advancement sin coating technology,  I knew there was no proof to support my competitor’s claims. Here is how I responded:

Polyureas exhibit almost double the adhesion over typical epoxy/hybrid floor coatings. The best example of this is Polyureas are used to form spray on liners in pickup trucks.  This same Polyurea chemical technology has been reformulated for concrete. While these spray on applications are forulated to cure in seconds, our floor coating products are slowed down to about an hour cure time. This provides enough time for deep penetration into the pours of the concrete surface and form a moledular bond.

Polyureas are extremely flexible, in fact are 98% more flexible than typical Epoxy/Hybrid floor coatings. This flexibility is key during the summer to winter transition when the ground and concrete are expanding and contracting which causes most floor coatings to fracture and crack. Polyureas, being a flexible material move with the concrete leaving the surface strong and intact. In addition, Polyurea have reach a full cure in just 24 hours. This prevents the product from getting harder or softer over time and with changes in temperature.  Epoxy/Hybrid floor coatings cure only to 80% in 7 days and over the course of time cure the remaining 20%. During this extented cure time the material continues to get harder and more brittle can eventually cause the material to fracture and crack possibility leading to delamination.

Polyureas are also 4X more abrasion resistant than epoxy/hybrid floor coatings. This is a result of their extreme flexibility and elongation properties.  Polyureas can take a tremendous amount of abuse because they are pliable and can take the shock of suddent impace and absord them, much like the rubber on a car tire.

Moreover, Poluera/Polyaspartics are more chemical resistant and will stand up to a much wider range of chemicals than epoxy coating system. This is part of their densely cross-linked chemistry makeup.  Typical chemicals including salt, oil, gas, grease and acids are not match for a Polyaspartic Polyurea top coat layer.

Polyastartic Polyureas are also 100% UV stable. UV stability mean they will not yellow or discolor over time.  This is crutial in a garage application becasue you want your investment to look great for a long time!  You will never see a color shift in areas that are exposed to UV rays including the apron which is the portion of the floor that sticks beyond the garage door and is exposed to light every day! All of our system are backed by a written limited life time warranty.

Great news!  The homeowner made a wise choice and went with our company.

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